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Updated: Feb 18

I am now approaching the end of my Low FODMAP journey well stage 1 anyway, so I thought I would share a few thoughts on the process and also things I have come to realise.

First thing is that I definitely have an intolerance to one of the FODMAPs as my flare ups have pretty much dropped since starting. Now it will be the long process of working out what that is.

Secondly eating out is hard. It has got easier and a lot of places are accommodating however onion and garlic are in pretty much every restaurant dish which can make it a bit bland. I have also found that foods I normally would have eaten I couldn't further restricting my eating habits for example avocado, hallomi, falafel I miss them all. I also became that really awkward person at dinner parties which isn't fun as I hate restriction of any kind but this was for my health so I can't complain to much.

Constantly checking food labels is now a habit and its not for the calorie content. There are so many products that have hidden ingredients I could have which surprised me a lot. Food shopping - one of my favourite things to do - became a lot longer and almost a chore as I had to check EVERYTHING. Which meant for ease I made a list of what I could have and stuck to the same things pretty much all the time.

HOWEVER I have come to find that there are certain "healthy" foods that my body 100% does not agree with and I would normally eat because it seemed like the better option. And on the flip side of that those not so healthy foods my body has no issue in digesting. Which made me realise that why do we put this pressure on our selves to eat certain foods and not others. Why do we let society make us feel we have to work a certain way to be healthy ? Surely we all need to eat in a way that is healthy and nourishing for our own bodies ... I absolutely love veg and would go to town on a massive bowl of veggie goodness only to suffer a massive flare up within 30 minutes because my body can't handle that much in one go. Therefore I have to be more sensible with my food choices as even though that meal is healthy it isn't healthy for me.

Instead of focusing so much on what your diet needs to be based on societies standards make your diet work for you and find out what your body needs to be healthy without causing any other issues. There will be trial and error and you will make mistakes but thats life and also the reason why 1 diet doesn't fit all. We are all unique with our own tastes, beliefs, bodies and health which our diet will reflect.

SO the next time you are deciding what to eat don't look at what everyone else is eating and instead think about the foods that work for you, your body and your health :) Rather than labeling foods as good or bad change your mindset to think about foods that nourish, foods that fuel and foods that help. Also own your decision for example if you know that certain foods don't work with your body but you have them anyway then you have to deal with the outcome don't blame others.

*** I'm just really hoping sweet potato and avocado aren't amongst my trigger foods as I really want them back in my diet ha

Love Vicki xxx

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