Body Confidence Chats

Updated: Feb 18

Lets get chatty for a moment. On Monday evening I did an Instagram Stories takeover for WeBlogMCR to talk about all things body confidence. It was way out of my comfort zone as I hate speaking on a camera and I now know that I ramble ALOT haha. But I think it is a really important topic to share and rather than me write out what I did I wanted to share with you the whole story as one.

So I apologise for the roughness of the video edit as it is literally just all the 15 sec stories put together, no editing or filters just me and my phone trying share some tips with you on how to be body confident. I hope there is some value for you and if you like this way of me getting points across then let me know as I may (a massive maybe) do more videos like this in the future. As always any comments are greatly received just no hate as none of us have time for that :)

Enjoy, Love Vicki xxx

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