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Updated: Feb 19

PC: Laura (smileeatstyle)

Following on from my previous post Swimsuit Season - Are you ready? I just want to say a massive thank you for all the kind words and support over it and I am glad it resonated with so many of you ! I now want to take it a little step further and share with you what I think your body needs in order to feel fabulous !

Get Sweaty

It's time to get the endorphin's flowing, blood pumping and muscles moving! Our bodies were made to move and what better way to celebrate your body than seeing what it can do?? There is no right or wrong to fitness, it is about finding what kind works for you and it might not always be what you first think and it may change over time. There are specific types or ways to exercise that you may need to do to achieve your goal and if the want to achieve that goal is strong enough you may have to make sacrifices/ do things that aren't as fun for you. There is plenty out there such as:

Yoga to increase flexibility, core strength and mindfulness, Running for fitness and CV health, Weight Training for muscular strength and definition, Cross Fit for power, endurance, strength ... the list goes on.

Whatever you choose make sure it is for you and you alone to reach whatever your fitness goal may be. But play around with whats out there until you find your fitness style.


Food is fuel and our bodies need it to work. Just as you wouldn't run a car on empty you shouldn't run yourself either. Everyone needs a good balance of:

Carbohydrates for energy

Protein for repair and recovery

Fats for healthy brain function and protection

As well as Fibre for good gut health and Micro nutrients for the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

This balance isn't the same for everyone as we all work better from different combinations of the above. How you get these into you diet is a personal thing based on your nutritional needs and beliefs. The main focus should be that you are getting all of the above through foods that make you feel good, that taste good, that you enjoy, help improve your health and benefit your body and soul. Also make sure the majority of these foods agree with your body and if some don't either reduce/remove from your diet or be aware of how you can return your body back to its normal state :)

80/20, 90/10, moderation, balance - all words banded around that mean the same thing - food is for fuel, health and happiness.


Our bodies are made up of 60% water and uses it to help in all the cells, tissues and organs function and regulate temperature. As we lose water through breathing, sweating and digestion as well we need to help keep it topped up. Depending on what you are doing during the day will determine how much water you should put back in but you want to aim for 2L a day. There are other benefits to keeping hydrated as well. The more water we take on the less water our bodies hold on to so you wont be as prone to water retention. A lot of the time when you see the scale move up or feel a bit more bloated than normal it is just your body holding water and it will go down. It helps to remove toxins and waste from the body as well as aid digestion. And by keeping well hydrated you will see the benefits in healthier looking skin, eyes and hair.

Self Care

There is nothing better than a little TLC and you should make sure you are giving your body what it deserves. It can't be on GO mode all the time as it will just shut down on you. Stress on the body whether that is physical or mental will increase the hormone cortisol which will cause hormonal imbalances in the body proving negative on your bodies state. So make sure that you have time in your week where you REST. Rest is vital for recovery so take the time off! Make sure you are giving yourself that chill out time, relax and spend some time on yourself: read a good book, have a bath, light a candle and mediate ... and also get a good nights sleep. As the saying goes 'there is nothing a good nights sleep can't solve' and it's pretty spot on. Remember the last time you slept well or took some time off ? How much more rejuvenated and energised did you feel ? Because your body had time to recover and pamper itself so add it into your routine as well.


The big F word that sometimes gets forgotten when people are on a mission to feel fabulous. Fun should be something we all strive for in our lives as they are too short to over think and worry about everything. In line with the above tip you should take time to make memories, laugh at things and yourself, spend time with loved ones and be happy! I know not everything in life is going to be fun and it's not always in your control. But you have control of how you react to situations so make the most out of them and at every opportunity enjoy them. Doing something with a smile will instantly make you feel better in your surroundings and yourself.


The last point and in my own opinion the most important. First of all surround yourself with positive people :) make sure the people around are there with your best interests at heart, will support you and build you up. Negativity is a massive draw back in you feeling fabulous as you feel down and unsure of yourself and if people make you feel like that then they are not worth your time.

Take time to focus on the positives in your life and build upon them :) You all know I am a massive believer in body confidence and body positivity and rightly so. The main way you will feel fabulous is if you truly believe you are fabulous so look in the mirror every day and tell yourself you are. Have some self belief - the best way to do this is to write or say 3 things you are truly grateful for and 1 thing you love about your body. Self love, acceptance and confidence come with time and practice so start now - what have you got to lose.

Accessible, attainable and achievable steps you can take and I think the top 6 things your body needs. We all deserve the right to feel FABULOUS

Love Vicki xxx

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