Swimsuit season ... are you ready??

Updated: Feb 19

Summer is here ... (or it is meant to be, Manchester really needs to get that memo) which means for most of us we will be wearing some kind of swimsuit during the next few months. And for some this can be a scary task that needs a lot of preparation for. As soon as May gets here the media starts throwing all these detoxes, diets, summer shreds in our faces telling us we need to be bikini ready for summer.

But what actually is bikini ready ???

Because for me personally bikini ready is different for everybody ... I feel that it boils down to confidence and how you feel when you rock that piece of swimwear.

Now I get it ladies we all want to look fabulous in those holiday pictures believe me I'm the same. BUT there is more to a holiday than looking right for it, Its about the memories you make, the time off you have and the moments spent with loved ones.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

You will always have a bikini body as all you need to do is put a bikini on your body :) but I want to share some of my tips that hopefully help you get body confident in your bikini ... as they have helped me

1/ Find the one

When you put on a bikini or swimsuit you want to feel fabulous so the first thing you need to look at is the piece of clothing itself. Don't just buy something because it looked good on the model or so&so you're following has one like it. Instead dress for your body shape, pick something that you feel comfortable in as soon as you put it on and you will still feel that way at the end of the day.

2/ Get comfortable in it

Dance around in it, move, stand up sit down and look in that mirror and love what you see back. People will see the confidence oozing out of you and you will look insane!

3/Show it off

Take photos of yourself in it, show your boyfriend/girlfriend best friends or mum. Show the fact that you feel incredible and they will see it too. Be proud of it!

4/Be yourself

A bikini doesn't define you and neither does a body shape. YOU define you so just be you and embrace that. Relax about it and all will be well I promise.


Now I am a personal trainer and I am completely aware that people like to prep for holidays and summer, it's part of my job to help women achieve this. However I don't do this so you look a certain way, my aim to get you happy! And if looking a certain way is going to get you there then of course I'm going to help. So I also thought I'd just share some fitness and nutrition tips with you as well.

Most people want to be a little leaner or more defined and the simplest way to do this is to just make sure you have your expenditure higher than your input. So I want you to simply move more - be more active as that will increase your calorie expenditure. Exercise will also help you release endorphins to feel happier and it can create a sense of achievement, be a stress reliever and energise you. Remember it is your body we are talking about here so make sure your training routine fits for what you want to achieve to feel incredible.

There is no need for an extreme diet pre holiday as the chances are as soon as you get there and 100% relax your body isn't going to like it. Instead if you are already living a healthy balanced lifestyle it shouldn't be such an issue, the main thing to focus on is getting nutritious wholesome foods that agree with your body. This doesn't mean restriction and super clean this means working out what foods your body reacts well with and what it doesn't because if you can prevent any digestive issues you will feel a lot better. Just be a bit more mindful about what you are eating and your body will listen.


This year I haven't prepped for my holiday (its in September ...) instead I have just been a bit more focused in my training and mindful of food. I have a mini goal and that is feel the best version of me for my birthday (15th July in case you were wondering) And my best version is just to feel confident in myself and my body. But this is the first year where I actually bought a bikini for my body shape, a bikini that a knew would work for me and when I put it on I felt incredible. Not because I had abs or was a certain weight but because it was me :) I was pretty nervous to post these pictures if I'm honest but then how can I say I'm body confident if I didn't ...

Body confidence is a feeling not a number. Self love is for you and you alone. Whatever you do to get summer ready make sure the main outcome is you feeling BLOODY AMAZING at the end of it. You wear your swimsuit with pride and you know you look incredible !

Love Vicki xxx

(This is a Missguided bikini I got from Asos and I actually tried it on at 8pm at night after a full day of eating and 3L of water and still felt good)

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