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Updated: Feb 19

Good Morning :)

I realise it has been a while since I have shared a workout with you all so I'm going to share 2 which you can add into your training this weekend. Both of these are examples of workouts from plans created over at Flourish Fitness which is my new online training programme. If you didn't know I have now launched an online training programme along with another PT to bring you affordable accessible workout plans & guidance to help you reach your goals. This way you don't need to be in Manchester to be trained by me :) If you like the look of the workouts below and want to know more info then just drop us an email.

Workout 1 - Lower Body Posterior Focus

It wouldn't be a workout from me if it didn't include something to grow those glutes :). On every exercise I want you to really think about the mind muscle connection and engage your glutes / or hamstrings.

Activation: BW and Banded Donkey kicks / Ham curls / Glute bridges / Crab Walks

A1/ Romanian Deadlift 4x8 (60 secs rest)

Go as heavy as you can without breaking form. Use the hamstrings to initiate the pull not the lower back

B1/ DB Sumo Squats 3x10

B2/ DB Lateral Lunges 3x10 (each leg) (45 secs rest)

C1/ BB Glute Bridge 4x8

C2/ BW Single Leg Glute Bridge 4 x 8 (each leg) (60 secs rest)

Protect you hips by wrapping something around the Barbell before doing this exercise. Go heavy and drive up from the glutes squeezing at the top

D1/ BB Good Mornings 3x12

D2/ BB Curtsey Lunges 3x20 (45 secs rest)

E1/ Single leg Cable Kickbacks 3 x15

E2/ Frog Pumps 3x20 (30 secs rest)

On the kickbacks its not about how high you can kick your leg as that tends to result in an over arched back. Instead go as high as you can just squeezing your glutes and keeping the back neutral.

Workout 2 - Upper Body Anterior Focus

This workout is all about your Shoulders, Triceps and a little bit of Chest. Don't be afraid to train your upper body ladies as you need the strength to be able to hold yourself up, lift things as well as keep your whole body balanced.

Mobility work: Shoulder rolls, banded arm rotations and pull aparts, light weight lat raise, front raise, rotations and press

A1/ Seated BB Military Press 3x10 (60 secs rest)

Keep a neutral spine and core engaged when lifting above your head. Keep the shoulders relaxed

B1/Incline DB Chest Press 3x10

B2/ Press up 3x10 (60 secs rest)

If you can't do full press ups do them with your hands on a bench so you are inclined rather than knees down as it will keep the core engaged more as well as still make you work the same muscles are a full press up

C1/DB Arnold Press 3x8

C2/ DB Lat raises 3x12 (60 secs rest)

Lat raises don't go above shoulder height

D1/Cable Flys 3x12

D2/ Single Arm Cable Front Raise 3x8 (each arm) (60 secs rest)

E1/ EZ Bar SkullCrushers 3x8

E2/ Overhead single arm Tricep Extension 3x8 (each arm) (60 secs rest)

F1/ BW Tricep Dips 2x15 (30 secs rest)

Keep the elbows tucked in and drive them back as you lower. Make sure it isn't all in the shoulders

Optional HIIT to finish:

30 secs on 30 secs rest x10

Jump Squats or Box Jumps

Battlerope waves or KB Swings

I hope you enjoy these please tag me @vickimellard_pt #vickimptworkout if you try them and let me know what you think. As always make sure to warm up and cool down properly to reduce the risk of injury and prepare your muscles for what is to come

Thank you

Vicki xx

PC: Kat Horrocks

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