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Updated: Feb 19

Photography ... not my strong point, I can take selfies, pictures of food and the odd lifestyle shot but when it comes to anything else I don't really have a clue. This was why I signed up to the Mastering your DSLR workshop with Georgie Glass as part of WeBlogMcr on Sunday 21st May, I don't actually own one but Elliot kindly lent me his. It was good actually as now I can use it more confidently and the information I took away was invaluable and I can use some of it for my phone as well.

Like any WeBlog event I knew it was going to be worth the money, informative and fun, and on a personal level its a day with some of my friends so win win :)

We started the day getting to know everyone and Georgie, and finding out what the plan for the day was. The first shots of the day were taken in PKB Coffee getting that perfect coffee shot and some more chilled lifestyle shots. Here I learnt about the aperture level and how you can get that blurred romantic look we bloggers love :) Working with Kat (kat_horrocks) and Pam (SpamellaB) was great as we all kind of wanted simular shots and as these 2 know how to use a camera I felt in good hands.

Then came a q&a before lunch and this was amazing! We really picked Georgies brain about all things lenses, exposure, the perfect shot etc and it was invaluable. The great thing was everyone had a question that was relevant in someway to us all so it was all information I soaked up.

Shot style number 2 was product shots / flatlays. I don't really use these too much in my blogging/ social posting but it was good to learn about and have a go as you never know. The key thing to note is odd numbers for products is the way to go and the magic number is 3 - more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. I decided to use this time to get a couple of generic shots that I could use as stock images for those posts that images don't really fit into.

Finally came the lifestyle / outfit shots, now I am no model at all ha I always feel awkward but these are the types of shots I actually really want. I love them and as good as it is to show a workout pose or food or a quote etc I wanted to learn how to set up the camera for when I wanted more pictures of myself as a brand. This way I can do all the work then hand someone (Elliot) the camera and they just shoot.

I also got the chance to snap a beautiful picture of Pam and her bump and I'm really glad I did as she is glowing. Also noted that I can't walk past a barre and not do some kind of dancy stretch ha

A truly insightful, productive and fun day, and it is what I love about WeBlogMcr events. If you are a blogger/vlogger or someone who is contemplating it based in Manchester I highly recommend you check them out.

WeBlogMcr is a Manchester blogging network where like minded people can learn, inspire, collaberate and support each other. They hold events, meet ups, socials, workshops to help you build your blog and brand. Run by a fellow blogger and #mumboss Holly (@_hollygoeslightly) she knows what we want and how to help. Search WeBlogMcr across all socials.

Thank you for a fab workshop and I can't wait for the next one :) Time to start upping my photo game !

Vicki xxx

All photos where I am i the shot were taken by a the very talented Kat Horrocks

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