Fitness classes - not just for the fittest

Updated: Feb 19

Fitness classes whether they are at a gym, leisure centre, town hall or your own living room on a DVD, do what their name suggests HELP WITH YOUR FITNESS. It is something I have definitely heard a lot more since I have been working at a gym and it still confuses me. The aim of a class to help you improve your fitness levels, the content of each class will vary but they all have the same outcome which is to work you.

If you are a complete beginner I do understand that it can be daunting to go to your first class but we all have to start somewhere, and it's a lot better to do so with some guidance. Here are some things to remember so hopefully it won't seem as scary ...

  • Everyone else in that class is there for the same reason as you.

  • Let the trainer know it is your first time and they will make sure you feel comfortable with it all.

  • You will be surrounded by like minded people who want the same that you do so you could even make a new friend and gym buddy.

  • There will be people who are more advanced than you but that shouldn't be something to scared of, instead look to them as a guide maybe even support.

  • Try as many as you can, the worst that can happen is you don't enjoy it but at least you gave it a go, it might even surprise you :)

Classes are a way to get exercising, they are not just there for people who are already fit they are for everyone, no matter what stage of their journey they are at. They also can give you ideas and exercises to do on your own to do alongside the classes. You will have learnt the proper form and techniques as well you will be able to complete effectively.

So next time you are wondering if that class is for you, stop wondering and just go for it!!!

(photo taken from Magna Pass event)

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