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Updated: Feb 19

I love being a part of the fitness industry and I love helping women reach their goals and I love sharing my knowledge and journey in order to help as many people as I can. HOWEVER there is one aspect that worries me and it's what I want to talk about in this post.

Why should happiness be determined by how we look ??

Its something I have been thinking about for a while now and I need to just get it off my chest. Being lean or being a certain size isn't the key to happiness. I'm not saying you can't be happy and lean or a certain size, if reaching this end goal will bring you happiness by all means go for it! What I am saying is you shouldn't focus on this aesthetic goal if it wont make you happy.

So many people diet on and off, start and stop exercising for this 'perfect' body but the reason they tend not to stick is because it makes them miserable. I get asked how to make dieting fun or maintaining leanness enjoyable and the only thing I have to say to this is you have to really want it for it to be fun and enjoyable.

I am a personal trainer which means I am in a job where people want to change how they look through fitness with my help. I will 100% help and get that person to that goal HOWEVER I also work with them to make sure they are doing it for the right reasons. I try to help with mindset and using fitness as a way to better yourself as a person not just to make you look better. Your body will change anyway no matter what so why not make it fun.

For some people reading it you might be thinking yeh but it's easy for you OR you already have the body you want so what would you know etc. Well guess what its not that easy and it's taken a while but I can honestly say I LOVE my body - I have fat just like everyone else, I hold mine in my lower stomach, side boob area and back. I get rolls when I bend over I have cellulite. I have days where I don't feel amazing and yes there are times I wished I was bit leaner or more defined.

BUT I also have strength, confidence, a body that is healthy and can move. I've found since doing my March Body Positivity Challenge it has made me appreciate my body more.

There will be times when I might be a bit more careful about what I eat, I might add a bit more cardio in, I might switch up my training. There are events happening this year which I might want to prep for but this doesn't mean I love my body any less and I will be doing it as it will make me happy for that time/goal/event. And that's what I want you to take away from this - happiness isn't defined by how you look instead happiness is defined by you and your looks are a separate thing. If you want to diet then diet but have a reason, if you want to get into a certain size dress then go for it but ask yourself will that make you happier. Once you drop the pressure then it all becomes a lot easier :)

HAPPINESS is a feeling you get from doing things you love for you CONFIDENCE is when you embody this happiness and let it show for everyone to see BODY GOALS is when you take your happiness , your confidence and your body to create your goals đź’Şđź’š

YOU create all these, no one else. We may get help along the way, we may need guidance and knowledge but only we have the power to embody it all !

I hope this made sense to some of you, I just want to be as real with you guys as I can. Back to a fitness post next week I promise :)

Thanks Vicki xxx

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