My Top 5 Fave Exercises - Cardio addition

Updated: Feb 19

This tends to get a bad rep in the fitness industry but there are so many benefits

đź’¦improved heart health

đź’¦releases feel good hormones

đź’¦increases metabolism

đź’¦improved mental state and health

Doing any exercise that will get your heart rate up and blood pumping around the body will be improving your CV system. It can be anything - running, walking, swimming, dancing, adding plyo work at the end of a session anything - find what works for you. As long as you get a nice balance of exercise you can't go too wrong as with everything don't take it to an extreme.

I have decided to share my 5 favourite moves that I use within workouts to increase my CV system, I tend to use these within HIIT at the end of a session or as part of a metabolic circuit. Something different than being on a cardio machine in the gym.


Start off small simply by jumping onto a step and stepping off. As you feel more confident you can start to increase the height of the box you jump on. If you can comfortably do 10 reps 3 sets then increase the height or amount of reps. You want to make sure you start from a bent leg and bound off 2 feet to land on 2 feet in the same position you started in just on the box.


A proper one is where you start standing, squat down jump your feet out and do a press to the floor and up, jump the feet back into a low squat and jump straight up. Repeat. Modified would be without the press up or the jump up so a simple squat jump the feet out, back in and squat and stand. This one will definitely get your heart rate up and work that whole body !!!


A killer for your arms and core. You want to be in a mini squat as a strong position to start and aim to move the ropes as fast you can. You can do single arm, alternate or double or a combination of both. Want a challenge ? For every 4 battle rope slams add in a burpee and repeat 5 times.


An explosive movement for those legs. Make sure your squat form is correct before starting on these. Squat down and explode up into a jump before landing in a squat and repeating. A regression would be to squat jump up and land with a slight bent knee and standing before resetting to start again. A progression would be to add a weight either 2 dumbbells held to the side or a barbell on the back.


Starting in a high plank position bringing the knees into the chest alternately as fast as you can is a mountain climber. It is like you are running on the spot only horizontal to the floor. A regression would be to slow the legs down. A plank jack starts in the same position but instead of bringing the knees in you keep the legs straight and jump them out and in laterally. So this is like a jumping jack (hence the name) but horizontal tot he floor, a regression would be to tap each leg side to side. For both of these you need to hold your core, keep a slight bend in the elbows (no locking) and bum down.

What are your favourite cardio movements / types to do ? Please let me know in the comments below :)

Thanks Vicki xx

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