New year New me???

Updated: Feb 19

Its January 1st 2017 the day of fresh starts, clean slates and starting something new. It's the day we all make our lists of what we plan to do in this year, what we plan to change and what we plan to achieve. I bet you there are things on peoples list that are there every year but never quite get done ... and this is why I hate the term resolutions and I hate the term new year new me ! We should be setting goals and working on our current selves rather than needing to be a new version of it. Make your goals personal and achievable, you should really want them and have a reward for when you complete them. Don't be generic and don't follow the crowd instead be yourself, set time targets, be accountable and have the determination to complete them!!


My Goals for 2017 are: not your average goals that's for sure. My main focus for this year is build on everything I gained from 2016 and continue to grow as a person, as a PT and as blogger.


- I love learning new skills and training for things but I have found that unless I am working towards a qualification or exam I don't actually put aside as much time as a I should for knowledge. Therefore this year I am making it my goal to put aside 30 minutes every day where I read and learn something new that will help with my career or my own personal development. If I can work my way through series on Netflix then I definitely have the time.

- Create a community of women both my clients and members who attend my classes who want to get fit, healthy, strong and confident within themselves. I would love to inspire and help as I can to reach their goals whilst building their self confidence & body image through fitness and healthy living. Obviously I will help everyone get their physical goals but I want to be able to help with their mindset and get them understanding that how we look isn't the be all and end all.


- Build my following so my content reaches a bigger audience. This will be done by improving the quality of what I produce as well as creating more a structure to what I share.

- Attend more events to network and build up relationships with other bloggers and brands. This will aid with content creation as well as offering potential collaborations.


- Aesthetics for me is a thing of the past as far as big goals are concerned. Yes there may be times where I want to lean out but it will never be drastic just slight tweaks here and there as I like how I look. Also when you put pressure on yourself to look a certain way it becomes a lot less fun to train for. Instead have fitness goals to work towards as it is easier to motivate yourself and less pressure - you will find your body will change anyway. I really want to achieve 3 big goals this year in terms of strength and they are: 100kg Deadlift, 200kg Hip Thrust and 5 unassisted pull ups so watch this space :)

- At the end of last year I was finally diagnosed with Non Cealiac Gluten Sensitivity and IBS-C. Going into this year I should hopefully be working with a dietitian to work out the exact cause of my IBS and because of this I will be fully committed to the dietary changes I will have to make. Its time to nail my nutrition for the sake of my health.

- Continue to be happy, proud and confident with the body I have. Now I have got to this point of self love I don't want to lose it.

- Making memories with friends and family is a big one for 2017. I want to look back on this year and smile at all the good times I've had rather than looking back at what I could have done. It's time to stop worrying and focusing on the future so much and live in the now!

These are what I plan on working on this year to make this year bigger and better than the last :). I also will have individual monthly goals that will help me achieve all of these. What are your goals for 2017 ???

Vicki xxx

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