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Updated: Feb 19

There is nothing better on a cold day than getting in a blanket with a hot drink and something to read. I have recently found a new like for green tea - now not the plain green teas as I personally don't like them but I do like flavoured ones as it takes the bitter edge off. Green tea is seen as one of the healthiest drinks going due to its array of nutrients and antioxidants that it contains, so I also feel very healthy when I drink it haha.

I was contacted by the people at TPlus Drinks to try their super green teas and give them a little review for you all. Having already tried the immunitea before and liking the taste I was intrigued to try the rest and see how super they really were.

Why are they super ?

The people at TPlus are on a mission to "create an all new generation of healthy hot drinks that can help people get the nutrition needed when and where they need it the most." The tea isn't just a green tea with added flavours there has been a lot of thought put into the combinations of fruit herbs and vitamins to give you the effect you need.

Each flavour is made with all natural ingredients and real fruit flavourings. There are 4 different kinds you have Boost- Raspberry and Pomegranate, Detox - Apple and Blackcurrant, Immunitea - Orange and Blueberry and Multea - Lemon and Peach. In all 4 of them you can definitely taste the different fruit flavours which is a plus point for me as there is noting worse than it smelling better than it tastes. My personal favourite was the Boost because I loved the berry notes in it giving it more a fruit tea feel rather than a green tea. I wouldn't say I felt super energised after it but it did give me a little perk up half way through the day.

The Immunitea and Multea have been drank every day as I want to prevent this winter cold from getting me - I like the citrus tones in them both but the addition of the other fruit tones them down ever so slightly making them more palatable to drink.

My least favourite was the Detox which was surprising as I thought with apple and black currant we were onto a winner. However I just didn't like the flavour - I think its something better cold than hot in my opinion.


​If you are an avid green tea drinker or looking to try something new I would recommend these as they taste as they say and smell :) and made with all natural ingredients so you know what you are putting into your body :)

Thank you T+ for sending me these to try I look forward to getting myself some more

Vicki xxx

*Even though I was sent the teas to review all the words and opinions are my own and I would never promote something I didn't like or agree with*

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