Festive Season Survival 101

Updated: Feb 19

Tis the season to be jolly … and eat all the food ;) which is absolutely fine but it is also possible to enjoy the festivities without damaging your progress too much. Today I am sharing with you my top tips to a healthy happy end of the year.

1/ KEEP ACTIVE - just because its coming up to Christmas and the end of the year doesn't mean you need to stop what you are doing. Aim to be active every day even if it is as simple as going on walk. Put all the extra food to good use and use it as fuel. It will also help you feel less sluggish giving you more energy for the holidays :) 2/ BE MINDFUL - I'm not going to tell you to avoid all the festive foods and drinks because that wouldn't be fair and I'm not doing that either. However there is a difference between indulging on things you like and just eating them because they are there. You know what you love the most about the festive foods so savour those ones and the rest of the time just stick to lighter more nutritious meals. 3/ H2O - get plenty of it ! With all the mulled wine, baileys hot chocolates and prosecco that will be consumed make sure you are re hydrating yourself as well. It will help flush out toxins, keep your body balanced and in flow and nourished. 4/ RELAX - take on board all of the above in a way that fits in with your lifestyle without causing too much stress. Don't obsess over it all just be practical about it, if you have been working out and eating well up until this point it wont be hard to keep it up :) 5/ENJOY - final one is to enjoy it :) I have told all my clients that one day of over indulgence will not make you gain loads just like one day of pure health wont make you lose loads. Make memories this Christmas day, enjoy all it has to offer and then just start where you stopped.

Its a lifestyle so make sure you remember to incorporate it all but take ownership of all your decisions so there will be NO GUILT ! Carry on as normal leading up to the 3 days, enjoy your family and friends time, create memories and then just pick up where you left off into the new year :)

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