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Updated: Feb 19

The end of the year is approaching meaning it is the time to start on your goals for next year. I say goals not resolutions as resolutions tend to have negative connotations of not lasting. You want things that are going to keep you motivated with your fitness which can be harder in the colder months - believe me I know. One of the ways I am going to keep motivated in the new year is to enter into another 10k run. Now I'm really not a runner so the idea of running in the cold really doesn't appeal but sometimes you have to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. Also this article states that it is actually easier on your body running in the winter so that is good to know.

The 10k I am entering is the Cancer Research Manchester Winter Run which is happening on 12th Feb.

Now I know that doesn't leave a lot of time to train so all the more reason to start as soon as possible which is what I intend to do over the festive season.

If you want to join me in running the 10k I would love it ! There is also a 5 and 2.5k if you are wanting a shorter distance. I would be happy to help anyone that wants to do it with me - get a little group going where I will share my training, nutrition advice and general running tips. And then on the day we can meet, run and then go for food :) All you have to do is sign up for the event and let me know over some form of social media that you are in ! With no payment to me at all, just free help and advice.

The only thing you would pay for would be your entry and I also have a cheeky discount for you guys as well to save you £3 when signing up if you use the code MELLARDPT.

I am excited to get started and get another goal ticked off for 2017 !


Keeping in the spirit of running and all that jazz todays sessions can be done on a treadmill or outside to get you in the running mood.

Warm up for 5 minutes before hand - gentle walk into a jog with some dynamic stretches to get your muscles ready.

2 minute Jog

1 minute run

1 minute slowing down to a walk & pause

20 burpees

Repeat 5 times

Cool down and stretch #vickimptworkout

Vicki xxx

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