Sunday Session - Cardio & Core

Updated: Feb 19

Firstly sorry there wasn't a post for last weeks session but I did post it up on my Facebook page so if you missed it check it out.

Now today's session just needs you and a space to work in and that's it. Especially created with my pal Sophie who currently on her travels with no equipment :)

So get a decent playlist on and get ready to get your sweat on for the next 20 minutes !

* Please make sure you warm your body up with some light jogging, arm swings, squats, torso rotations etc to get the muscles woken up*

40 secs on 20 secs rest

Walkouts into press ups

2 Mountain Climbers 2 plank jacks

Squat jumps with floor tap

Standing Jack Knifes

Lateral step and tuck jump


20 secs on 10 secs rest




Now cool down, stretch and eat some good food !!


Vicki xx

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