Throwing some shapes: Magna X Fera

Updated: Feb 19

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On Sunday I attended Magna's first blogger event at Kettlebell Kitchen to celebrate their Newvember campaign about trying something new. After arriving and having a bit of a mingle getting to know new faces and catching up with old we were welcomed by Magna and introduced to Skot who was taking the class.

Skot is from We are Fera and he took us through a class which was a mixture of yoga, animal flow, calisthenics which was aimed at pushing us out of our comfort zone & testing our bodies limits. I absolutely LOVED it as it reminded me of contempoary release classes I used to do at uni as well as capoeira dance. I also managed to put my body in postions I didn't think I could so that was fun to find out :)

45 minutes later we had definitely worked up a sweat and appetite so it was time for food !! We were treated to a fab brunch by the guys at Kettlebell consisting of: Bean wraps, salmon & avocado on toast, egg muffins, chicken sausage & egg skewers and mini protein pancakes topped with either turkey bacon & maple syrup, banana and nut butter, raspberries. As well as a green juice - I mean we are fitness bloggers ;)

This also gave us some more catching up and getting to know time which is what I love about these types of events. It was a great way to spend my Sunday morning and I will be checking out some more of these classes. Can't wait for the next one thank you Magna :)

Magna is an online platform where you have access to loads of fitness classes across Manchester. They make it easy to book on to as many classes as you can without having to trawl the internet. Give it a check if you are interested in trying something new.

Vicki xxx

*All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post*

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