Festive fancies

Ginger and Cinnamon, 2 spices that make this festive season and happen to be up there with my fave flavours. So when paired with another favourite ingredient of mine - chocolate -its a match made in heaven and the base of the 2 recipes I am sharing with you.

Gingerbread slices

Makes 8


125g Banana (1 large)

200g cooked Sweet Potato

40g Vanilla Protein Powder ( I used MyProtein Carnipro)

20g Sukrin Coconut Flour

25g Doves Gluten Free Flour

50g Oatbran (I used Mornflake)

20g Crystalised Ginger

20g Beloved Date Nectar

1 medium egg

30ml sugar free gingerbread syrup (I used Jordans)

dash of milk of choice ( I used unsweetend almond milk)

1 tsp baking powder

Cinnamon and ginger spices


10g My Protein Lucuma Powder

10g Cocoa Powder

12g Date Nectar

20g sf Gingerbread syrup

15ml Almond MIlk

8 Beloved Date hearts (optional)

Ginger and Cinnamon to sprinkle


* Mix all the dry ingredients minus the oatbran in a bowl

* Blend the banana, sweet potato, egg, oatbran, date nectar, ginger and syrup

* Add to the dry ingredients, add in milk if needed and spices to your taste

* Bake at 180 for 12- 15 mins until cooked through

* Allow to cool and create the topping.

*Mix all ingredients together and spread on cooled cake with hearts placed on top and spinkle with spices

Spiced Chocolate bliss balls

Makes 10

Recipe 120g dates 10g Beloved date nectar 40g ground almonds 20g cocoa powder 35g MyProtein chocolate vegan protein 10g quinoa flakes 1sp mixed spice, ginger & cinnamon 30 ml gingerbread sf syrup Almond milk if needed Cacao nibs to decorate

Method *Blitz the dates to a puree with the nectar and syrup. *Add the almonds, protein, spices and cocoa powder and blend *Spoon mixture into bowl stirring in the flakes and liquid if needed. *Set in the fridge for an hour before rolling into balls & coating in nibs

2 tasty treats to get you in the festive mood :) As usual tag me in your creations and #vickimptrecipe

Happy Baking

Vicki xxx

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