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When it comes to my body I think I look after it pretty well - I exercise, I eat well 80% of the time, drink plenty of water and try to get 6 - 8 hours of sleep a night. However the one area I haven't really put much thought into a routine is caring for my skin. I have been trying to make more of an effort but in all fairness I haven't a clue ha. So when I was approached by Rejuvenate Skin Clinic to have a look at their facilities and try out a treatment it seemed perfect.

The main reason I was interested in them is their ethos about wanting to help people feel more confident and happy in their own skin because of how they feel to how they look. It is about enhancing what people already have rather than completely changing it. Which is why their treatments are non surgical or evasive. And any advice on how to stop my face breaking out is a winner for me.

The first thing I noticed about the place was how light and airy it was giving it more of a spa feel than a clinic. The staff were welcoming and friendly, which would instantly put anyone at ease who may be nervous. I was taken to one of the treatment rooms for my consultation where we discussed what issues I had and the treatments that they would recommend. Loads of information was given here and I really appreciated that as it made me aware of what was going on in my body rather than just being told what to do. I now know I should use a light serum or cream on my face for it to be absorbed properly which is news to me as I normally just by any moistureiser on offer.

My treatment was a microdermabrasion facial . Having never had a facial before I didn't know what to expect but it was nice. The exfoliating aspect was a strange sensation but not painful or unpleasant. Followed by a collagen mask to replenish the skin cells. I definitely could see and feel the difference afterwards. My skin felt more alive and glowing. Looking forward to my next one.

I left with a little goody bag which I thought was great and so nice of them as I wasn't expecting at all. Including a bag of samples to try from their skincare range they sell there so it will be interesting to see how my skin holds out with these :)

It was something different to experience but I'm glad I did as it is important to look after all aspects of your body to have a healthier happier you.

Its a great clinic and I highly recommend if you are interested in skin treatments to check them out as they seem really invested in their clients, wanting to help them not just make a sale.

To see a full list of their treatments visit their website here.

Vicki xx

*I was invited down to have a treatment and experience the clinic in return for a post, but as always the words are my own and I would not endorse something I didn't approve or agree with*

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