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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Give me a mobile in selfie mode and I can pose (slightly ) smile and feel pretty confident ... but take away the safety net of delete, the comfort of your own surroundings and the mirror and its a whole different ball game.

Last Saturday was my photshoot day- the one which I have been prepping for the past month or so. And I was nervous constantly worrying if I would be able to look and feel as confident I had the day before. In my shape and self I felt good but I was scared it wasn't going to show. I also hate posing for anything other than your standard photo as it is way out of my comfort zone ... oh and not to mention there were 8 other people there. The photoshoot was part of a team JCM meet up to show off the progress of members following their lifestyle programme headed by James and Juliana Conci-Mitchell.

So back to the shoot ...

All tanned up and pretty hungry I made my way coffee in hand to SIX3NINE PT Studio in London (James owns this studio). Slight rookie error made by my tired self that morning putting on a white sports bra when my tan hadn't quite dried. Luckily it didn't show too much and the day could begin. As there was 7 of us in total getting photos done we all posed for 3 different style of shots - the classic photoshoot body shots, more fitness based shots and softer head shots. I did find it difficult at times to pose - the fitness ones were definitely where I was most comfortable as I had things to distract me. James and Juliana however helped to make me feel more at ease and begin to enjoy it :) Note to self for next time bring warm clothes to wear in between takes as I was freezing ha.

It was a memorable experience and I felt bloody good and proud of how I looked. It was a fun day and I can't wait to see the pictures and hope they convey what I want them too :) These are 2 I have had back so far and I LOVE THEM.

PC: James Conci-Mitchell

PC: James Conci - Mitchell

Since this shoot I have been taking a slight diet break for my sanity and to get my body back to intuitively eating on how I feel. Then the plan is get my calories to maintenance and see how high I can get them whilst keeping my body shape as much as possible. Fitness goals wise I am wanting to build & work on my glutes and delts as well as starting up yoga for flexibility. And after 2 years I think its time to get back to dance and enjoying once more :)

Watch this space !!!

Vicki xxx

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