Chop'd Manchester

Manchester has a new eating joint and boy is it good! Sorry for the late write up its been pretty crazy busy here.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a blogger event at the new Chop'd restaurant to celebrate the launch of the Manchester branch. We were greeted with a drink - wine beer or water if you were me ha and given a chop'd apron which meant we were going to be doing something hands on :)

The managing director Eddie kicked things off explaining what the concept and ethics behind the brand was. You could clearly see how passionate he was about it which was refreshing to see.

'We want to make food we would our kids to eat'

The ingredients chosen are as locally as they can - obviously some things like avocados can't as we don't grow them here. It's not all about organic either it's more about the people who are behind the produce and how it tastes and within the seasons. With this in mind we were then shown and able to sample 3 produce items they were particularly proud of. The apples and tomatoes were a variety of shapes and sizes highlighting the fact nothing is added. Just look at the colours !

The salmon ... well that was incredible !! Melt in the mouth and I definitely went back for seconds :) the process it goes through brings out the most natural flavour so there is no need to mask it with lemon, it also isn't as fatty as other smoked salmons.

Then came the best bit - making our own salads!! The main concept of Chop'd is that YOU create YOUR own salad - working your way along the bar picking bases, veg, deli items, sauces and toppings before they all get combined. This is the main reason I love this concept - no need for a dressing if you don't want it, flavour combos you love and the best bit it all gets mixed together ! NO soggy lettuce left at the end haha. Now as I was on prep when this happened I was kindly allowed to make 2 salads :) a prep friendly one for me full of greens and protein and then a bigger more exciting one for Elliot.

Mine: Lemon and pepper dressed Prawns and Salmon with greens.

Elliots: Pesto turkey and chorizo with chickpeas, raw slaw & salad leaves

After we had all created our salads we were showed the workspace they have downstairs making it a perfect working lunch spot, then a goody bag inc some of that salmon, a savse smoothie and a Chop'd apple or 2 it was time to call it a day.

I highly recommend this place if you want a healthy lunch - the portion sizes are incredible and for less than £6 you get a lot of salad for your money :) It is located on Cross Street just off St Ann Square.

Vicki xx

*I was invited to the launch but I was not required or paid to post about it. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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