Meal prep on a budget

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

One of the easiest ways to have food ready for you when hunger strikes is to meal prep it all. If you have nutritional goals / macros to stick to or are just really busy then meal prep will help. And it really doesn't have to be expensive ! My main rule ... keep it simple. There is no need to be super extravagant with it as the will a/ take up more time and b/ cost more money. Go for ease and taste mon-fri then you can experiment and play around with food ideas over the weekend.

BULK MAKING is the key with meal prep & time keeping. No one wants to be stuck in a kitchen for hours on end on a Sunday making loads of different meals. One pot wonders are great for this such as chillis, curries, casseroles etc. Make up a big batch separate into portions and freeze half ready to take out thursday and friday. You could also cook off 2 different protein sources and 2 carbs sources and mix and match you go. I would advise cooking your veg or adding your salads the night before as they tend not to keep well.

Get your snacks prepared as well - healthy sweet treats, egg muffins, veg crudités with homemade hummus.

CHOOSE WHAT YOU LIKE not what you feel you have to. Whats the point of making a load of food over the week you really don't like just to get tempted by other options. Obviously you need to have nutritionally balanced meals for your health but find the food sources you enjoy eating. This way you will be excited for your meals you have made making food envy a thing of the past :)

BUDGET SHOPPING - get to the reduced sections and see what bargains you can pick up there. Buy certain things in bulk that will work out cheaper in the long run. Always be on the look out for offers and choose the shops own products not always the main ones. Chances are they will taste the same for half the price. Another way to save money ... go in with a list and don't stray from the list! If you make one up based on the meals you are going to cook you should know roughly how much it will cost.

SHOP AROUND sometimes it works out cheaper to get different food items from different places so don't be afraid to do your research.


Here are just some of the options you could get on your shopping list without breaking the bank

Carbs: Oats / Potatoes / Pasta / Rice / Bread

Protein: Eggs / Frozen Fish / Meat (reduced or butchers) / Quorn / Pulses / Yogurt

Fats: Big bags of nuts / oils / butter /dark chocolate

Fruit and Veg : Frozen packets of berries and veg are great quality but a lot cheaper. Check out a local market or greengrocers to see if they work out cheaper

There is no need to over complicate things or make it hard for yourself. Just make a plan, buy the ingredients and you are good to go :)

Vicki xxx

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