Keeping focus & on track


One of the main reasons people tend to give up is because you don't really know what you want to achieve. So you set a massive one and then loads of other ones ... automatically setting yourself up for failure. We are our worst critics and will always focus on the negatives so you might hit 3 of the goals but you will only focus on the other one you didn't. I recently one to a nutrition seminar by Ben Coomber and he spoke about goals. One of the things that really stuck with me was the idea of delving deeper when making your goals.

TAKE TIME and really delve deep into the WHY of your goal. If you can't answer the why in depth enough then the goal isn't yours so scrap it and start again. It has to mean something to you and come with an emotional attachment. You want to lose weight? Why do you want to ? Don't just answer with because i don't like how I look or I will feel better - really dig deep and ask yourself why will you feel better/ why don't you like how look .

SMART goals are the way to go. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Framed goals that you know are possible to achieve. This is why you should take it a week to a month at a time, and when you hit them acknowledge this and praise yourself. Have your main goal then break it down into bitesize chunks.

MAKE THEM YOURS, don't try to be someone else or have someone else goal. You need to really want it and it has to be yours and yours alone. You also don't need to share it with everyone ... I would only suggest you do this if you feel confident enough about it. If you are someone who gets easily swayed by what others say then keep it to yourself :)

DONT LIMIT anything - as soon as you restrict, say something is off limits you are going to want it. Everything is on the table and it is all about how you manage the situation. I know that if I say Im not allowed chocolate for example I will want it all. However if I just have a little bar or a couple of squares a day it satisfies my craving and I'm all good again.

IT'S A LIFESTYLE so make whatever your goals are in keeping with your lifestyle. If you suddenly need to change everything in your life to accommodate them then its hardly a long term thing. The key to staying on track is consistency and manageability which is only achieved if you can do it everyday. The only time when things go to the extreme would be prepping for a show but as that is like 10% of the population there is no need for the rest of us. Yes some sacrifices will be made e.g. takeouts 3 times a week when you are trying to lose weight probably isn't the best idea. But own any decision you make and don't give into guilt, just brush it off and continue :)

Remind yourself every morning of the WHY you are doing this and if it really means something to you, you won't fall off track. Make the goals manageable & bite sized that fit into your lifestyle and remember its YOUR journey so embrace it and don't stress over it !

Vicki xxx

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