We are our worst critics

Updated: Feb 19

"I wish I had slimmer thighs"

"I hate the way stomach looks in dresses"

"Why can't I have bigger boobs"

"My arms are my worst feature"

And the list goes on ... Everyday we look in the mirror and we will all find something we don't like about how we look. It seems to be the norm to belittle ourselves day in and out and if someone dares to say what they like about themselves it is seen as being bigheaded etc. I'm sorry but something here is wrong !

I always get people telling be the bits they don't like and want to change but never what they like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to change bits on your body but make sure you still love what you have got.

Would you ever speak about your best friend or family member the way you talk about yourself ? Im guessing not. Its time to start loving your body and treating it with the respect it deserves. Stop body shaming yourself !

Don't focus on the bits you don't like and start focusing on the bits you do. If you think there is nothing then listen to the people around you and what they are saying. Actually listen and appreciate - accept the compliments that come your way don't brush them off. How we look is a tiny part of who we are - personality, strengths, achievements make up so much more. People love you for WHO you are not HOW you look.

Who cares if your thighs slap together when you run ? Thicker thighs are a result of wanting to get that booty - mine do and I used to hate it but now my bum and with that my legs are my fave body part.

You want bigger/smaller boobs ? Why yours work with the body shape you have so work with it.

Dress for the body have - change the outfit for your body not the body for the outfit. You will always look fabulous when you dress fro who you are and the body shape you have :)

Stop all this body shaming on yourself you don't deserve it !!

Vicki xxx

#bodyimage #confidence #loveyourbody #selflove

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