Showing them who's boss

Updated: Feb 19

You've finally cracked the weight training game.

You're feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more body confident.

You love the way your body has adapted and showing definition.

You smash your sessions every time you are in the gym ...

... until the weights area becomes busy. Then you fall back to your safety net, whatever that may be. Sound familiar ??

I completely understand the weights area in most gyms can become pretty intimidating to newbies and women when it becomes full of your typical gym male. And I wish I could give you a magic list of commandments or programme to follow to make it easier. But sadly this doesn't exist. I also can't control how you feel or act but what I can do is give you some advice and try to make it a little easier.

The main thing to remember (as horrible as it might sound) is no one really cares about what you are doing there. The best thing you can do is adopt this feeling as well - the day I decided I didn't really care what anyone thought about me being there was the day it became a hell of a lot easier. Yes you probably will get the odd look and comment but you get them just walking down the street but that doesn't stop you does it ??!

They won't be looking at you

- Half of them will be too busy looking at themselves in the mirror

- And the other half will have their music on and focused on hitting the iron

And if they do ... just ignore or call them out on it they will soon move on.

Claim your spot

- You want to workout so grab your space on the floor and make it yours.

- Get the weights you need and go for it

- If you want something ask for it I promise you will get it

Own it and take no crap

- You know what you are doing so just go for it - bet you any money you will probably have better technique then some

- Whether you are on your own or in a crowded room your workout stays the same

- Don't let any one make you feel small or not worthy, own it !

If you are still feeling odd about it

- Pretend they aren't there ;) don't make eye contact, put your headphones in, ignore them and even though i feel mirrors are essential for technique you could always turn your back on them.


Now I know there will be some of you thinking ' yeh Vicki but its easy for you you're a PT' but I wasn't when I started so I get it I really do. But it is becoming more of a norm for women to lift weights so become part of that :) Just go there, get focused, get the workout done and leave.

Be empowered not embarrassed

Confident not doubtful

And most of all be bloody awesome !!!!

Vicki xxx

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