Are you successful?

Success ... how do you define it ?

Money? Fame? Popularity? Career? Happiness ?

Who determines if you are successful ? Is it something people can control or is it something you decide ?

Todays post is dedicated to those of you who are successful in one way or another and that means ALL of you !

I personally don't believe anyone can say whether you are successful or not, it is something only you have control over. If you feel successful no one can tell you otherwise.

Success to me is finding happiness in everything you do, having the confidence to throw yourself at everything you do and when you look in the mirror you see all the positives. I used to think I needed to earn x amount, live a certain way and have loads of accomplishments under my belt to be successful. But now I measure it on my happiness - I would say Im pretty successful at the moment, yes there are more things I want to achieve. But thats the great thing about success its always growing :)

Here are my top tips to success:

*Do what you love - if you don't love something how can you reach success ?

*Persevere - it will happen if you keep going :)

*Don't let anybody make you feel small or unable to succeed. YOU are in control of YOU so everyone else can do one

*Dream Big - the world is your oyster go for it!

*Smile, have fun and enjoy every minute of life

Have faith in yourself if you don't feel you are there yet because you will be

Vicki xxx

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