All it takes is a little perspective

A short post today just reflecting on a couple of things that have come to light over the past couple of days. Over the past couple of months I have been following a programme aiming to lose body fat and hold onto as much muscle as I can. It is safe to say progress hasn't been as quick as it could be but June and July became very sociable months of which I embraced quite happily :)

At the start I was beating myself up over it and feeling down but then I decided my happiness was more important than how I looked. And as soon as I stopped stressing too much or overthinking, it became a lot easier to notice the positive changes. I have kept my strength and certain clothes are fitting better than they were before. But most importantly I feel happier, more confident and just all round better!

As a very clever friend of mine said "When you are happy you feel fabulous" (Sophia Hall)

And I do I feel fabulous :) and this morning after I had taken my standard progress pictures I walked past the mirror and saw how I actually felt that morning - pretty lean (for me). I also have the confidence to wear crops in the gym occasionally if its too warm and don't actually care that i don't have the ripped 6 pack.

The scales might not be moving

The measurements might not be the numbers you want them to be

Even pictures don't always show the full picture

THINK ABOUT how you are feeling ? How happy are you ? Do you feel fabulous ?

All you need is that slight shift in your perspective and you will see yourself in the positive life everyone else does. Stress doesn't help anything so smile instead :) You will radiate with it and that is all people will see and love it.

'The best outfit a person can wear is their smile'

Vicki xxx

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