One Year On ...

Updated: Feb 19

Last week my blog turned one ! A whole year and I thought I would share with you what I have learnt in this past year :)

The best thing I have gained from my year of blogging has been the ability to share all my thoughts, musings, knowledge and advice with a lot more people than I used to. When I started out I was just writing anything I could that could help people hoping that it would reach one of you. To get feedback is amazing and nothing makes me happier than hearing that someone has enjoyed reading a certain post or made a recipe or done a workout.

The connections I have made over the past year have been amazing :) I have met friends for life, collaborated with brands I never thought I would and had opportunities that wouldn't have presented themselves to me without my blogging. Alongside this my social media presence is slowly growing which is great (I promise I don't hunt down followers or spam anyone)

Progression is key and I have learnt so much while on this journey both about myself, blogging and my knowledge. The trends constantly change and blogging is a self taught thing so you have to keep up to date with whats current in order to appeal to the audience. I take more care now in what content I put out there rather than just posting.

Its not all sunshine and rainbows however as there are some slight negatives that come with it.

The pressure to always have content can get a bit too much, as I can stress over the fact I haven't posted and worry about upsetting people. Blogging for me is a hobby and as I don't just want to post random things there can be a lack of posts one week. But then a major surge in posts another. Content for me needs to be fresh and important therefore I hate forcing it.

There is also the fact my career as a Personal Trainer has really grown over the past year which means not as much spare time as I used to which is great business wise but the blog does take a back seat.

Spam! My email is out there my blog is available for all to see so like with anything the spam comes a calling ...

I have loved every post I have written and moment of blogging but I am excited for where it could all go in a another year. The blog itself has had an upgrade, I am constantly growing and learning new things I hope to share with you. There are no massive plans in the pipeline its just little old me writing posts to engage, advise and inspire all of you :)

Thank you

Vicki xxx

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