Holiday workouts

Whether you want to work out or not on holiday is your choice but if you do here are some quick workouts you can do from the comfort of your hotel room. These can also be done at home or the gym if you fancy it :)

Resistance band upper body workout:

A1/ Lat raise x 10 A2/ Front raise x10 A3/ Shoulder press x10 All on one arm then repeat 3 times

B1/ Wide bent over row x10 B2/ Narrow bent over row x10 B3/ Rear delt flies x10 3 times

C1/Tricep overhead extension x10 C2/ Bicep Curl x 10 Each arm x 3

D1/ Press ups x8 D2/ Shoulder taps x10 D3/ Walking plank x8

3 times

A & B filmed below

Glute focused session:

If you have a glute band it will help make this more intense but its not essential

Bodyweight squats x 12 (banded)

Jump Squats x 12 (banded)

Chair Split Squats x 12 each leg

Plank into Squat x 12

3-5 times

Donkey kicks bent x 10

Bent leg pulses x 10

Donkey kicks straight x10

4 times each leg

Glute bridges 4 x 20

Hold last rep for 30 secs

Optional: If you have a hill outside your hotel/ house or a long strip of space end with 20 secs sprints 40 secs rest x 10

20 min HIIT

40 secs on 20 secs rest

Jump squats

Burpee Press Ups

Shoulder taps

Mountain Climbers

Jump Lunges

4 rounds

Make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down efficiently.

Enjoy and let me know if you give them a go #vickimptworkout @vickimellard_pt

Vicki xxx

Wearing My Protein vest , Lululemon shorts, Adidas trainers

Photo Credit Sophia Hall

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