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Updated: Feb 19

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Holidays ... a chance to get away from the norm and experience something new. Most of the time we go on holiday to get some sunshine, relax and have some time off. Over indulging and less exercise than normal tend to also be on the cards ;) Obviously now there are holidays that are fitness or wellness based retreats but for the purpose of this post thats not what I'm talking about.

Now depending on the type of person you are and where you are currently at in your goals etc will have an effect on how you behave on holiday - you might go all out and not give a care in the world, you might workout every morning in the hotel gym, you might combine the 2. There is no right to wrong in this as it's your holiday!

I want to share with you how I gained a load of perspective over the past week. I feel 100% happier and healthier for the more relaxed approach I had to my holiday and as you can see I haven't really affected my progress (sorry for the rubbish lighting etc it was pretty early)

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The main reason I went way was to have some time out for my busy schedule as those who know me know that I rarely switch off. But I did kind of this week, i slept more on this holiday than I have in a long time. It wasn't because of long lie ins (still up naturally at 6am - body clock joys) or the really comfy beds (they were awful ha) it was because there was no pressure or need to really DO anything.

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I went on my holiday with all the intentions to do a workout/ run every morning before breakfast ... which didn't exactly go to plan. And I'm ok with that because when i felt like it i did something when i wanted to laze about I did. I got in 3 resistance band workouts, a power walk and a run (as my friend arrived in Menorca on the Wednesday) and thats it. We did however do a fair bit of walking as well as big bike ride but for fun not for the sake of exercise.

If you WANT to stay active on holiday then I recommend:

  • walking as much as you can - explore your surroundings and if you want to run go for it

  • room or outdoor HIIT / bodyweight workouts

  • swimming in the pool

  • Getting involved in a sporty activity

  • And if you have the access and want to then there are always gyms around

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80/20? More like 60/40% - ice cream, goats cheese and sangria featured a lot in my diet but even so not as much as they could have done. Not because I felt guilty having them just because I didn't want them. I personally love fresh fruit, salads, fresh fish so it wasn't hard for me to continue a decent diet, self catering also helped as I could bring a few staples like oats, protein powder, snack bars etc. We cooked as often as we could using local produce and ate out once a day sampling the amazing food on offer :)


  • Try the local produce as much as you can

  • Go for lean protein and all the fresh veg and fruit

  • Indulge on the best bits not just because its there

  • Don't feel guilty about any choice you make ! Its your holiday enjoy it

At the end of the day it is your holiday so enjoy every minute of it and own it. Make memories how you want to remember them and nothing can be wrong.

I have come away feeling refreshed and relaxed having spent a week with my favourite human doing what we wanted when we wanted and loving it all. I am more motivated than ever and it just goes to show that breaks are allowed :) Let yourself enjoy them

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Thank you

Vicki xxx

All photos were taken by me or Elliot. No paid or promo content. Punta Prima Minorca 2016

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