Fake it until you Make it

You're a newbie to the gym and want do start weight training but the weights area doesn't seem like your cup of tea. It can be intimidating especially at peak times when its full of 'bros' grunting and acting like they own the place ...

Well guess what they don't - you have just as much right to be there as anyone else. Heres how :)

Ask for help

Get a gym instructor/PT/Coach to give you a tutorial or lessons on the basics of lifting weights. It might cost you but honestly it is worth it to ensure you learn the correct technique and good form to get the right results. Also there is the safety net of having someone with you.

Gym buddy

Things seem easier when there is someone you know there. Grab a friend to be your new gym buddy so you can support each other and make the weights area seem less intimidating.

Own it

It's your gym as well so even if you don't feel like you can just put your headphones, listen to your fave music, block out the world and go for it ! The majority of people training are too busy focusing on themselves so don't worry.

Practice makes perfect

Start lighter, get the technique down so you can build up your strength, confidence and ability. Once this is high you will be lifting heavier with pride.

Make your workouts count and don't let anybody try and make you feel like you don't belong. You do and you've got this !!

Vicki xxx

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