What does healthy mean to you?

Its summer - the time where there is an influx in people trying to be "healthier" as they prepare for wearing less clothes and going on holiday. The gyms get busier, the salad lunches come out and the dreaded detoxes. Everyone wants to lose weight but are they willing to put in the hard work or fall in to the trap of these fad diets and quick fixes ? 9 times out of 10 yes ... a lot of people especially women put their body on restrictive diets to lose x amount of weight for the holiday (in which they are likely to put back on as body reacts to all the extra food and drinks) Is this what society deems as healthy ???

Restricted diets, overworking in the gym then overindulging feeling guilty and repeating the cycle ?

Is being a certain body shape or weight the way you define healthy ? Do you have to fit in to a certain size in order to be healthy?

Or is being healthy eating salad, drinking green juice and working out ?

In my opinion .... None of the above is healthy.

Being healthy isn't a number on the scale, a clothing size, following a strict diet or working out because you have to. You shouldn't have to ruled by something or be something to be considered healthy. So what if you enjoyed a night out with your friends, skipped the gym, had a lazy day ... did you have fun ? Were memories made ?

The dictionary defines healthy as: possessing or enjoying good health or a soundand vigorous mentality /pertaining to or characteristic of good health, or asound and vigorous mind / conducive to good health

No mention of being size X or eating X amount of calories ...

Healthy to me

  • Being happy in all aspects of your life.

  • Self Love: Having confidence in your body, your attitude and your journey

  • Fueling your body with wholesome nutritious foods 80% of the time for your physical health and enjoying the less nutritious foods 20% of the time for your mental health

  • Training hard doing something you enjoy because you bloody love it and the way in makes you feel - weights/walking/yoga/running/classes etc

  • Getting outside and enjoying your life

  • Surrounding yourself with positive supportive people who only lift you up and make you stronger :)

You should aim to have a healthy lifestyle ... not a healthy 2 months. Its the whole package not a certain focus. You might disagree and thats fine but this is what I personally think and believe there should be more focus on these days. Yes it is amazing when you hit PBs in weights or running times or you look a certain way that makes you feel good. And this should be celebrated because you feel proud of your achievements and I'm all for that - Its my living I aim to make people fitter stronger and if they want to look a certain way. But that isn't my main aim with my clients ... my main aim is to get them feeling all of the above :) and in doing so they will hit their goals.

Losing weight is a goal, getting lean is a goal, hitting a PB is a goal ... goals are not a definition of healthy.

"health to me means happiness, self acceptance, Cosy night sleeps, Enjoying feeding my body with all the veggies and fruits but also feeding my soul with the choccie and cake. It's being able to enjoy exercise without pushing myself to the extremes. Health to me is a feeling not a physicality. If you feel good about most aspects of your life the majority of the time then I think that's when you've hit the nail on the head." (Fran Bryant)

"Balance because I don't believe its healthy to be good all the time a treat is ok. Nourishment - making food choices on what they do to my body and how I feel" (Sophiescran)

"Feeling the best version of you - not someone else's healthy but your own sense of well being, balanced and full of life" (Katie)

I hope you all find your version of heathy :)

Vicki xx

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