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As a blogger and big advocate of social media I thought I would share with you my top 10 people I am following that I am loving this month ! The list is more extensive but then that would be a really long blog post ha. They range from fitness and nutrition to beauty and lifestyle over a variety of social media platforms of which I think snapchat is my fave :)

Carly Rowena

I adore this woman and all she stands for. She is a Fitness and Health blogger, you tuber, personal trainer and all round fabulous not to mention THE best body :). All the content she puts out is relevant, knowledgeable and just what you want to know. I love that she is so real on all her platforms and her snapchat is the best especially when Steven is involved.

The Lean Machines

A duo made up of Leon and John these 2 are looking to educate the world on eating well feeling better and training hard. Their new book is incredible I definitely recommend it as it goes into the mindset side of a journey not just the aesthetic goals. Both PTs now big stars in the you tube world who talk a lot of sense.

The Girl Gains

A company made up of Zanna Tally and Vicky with the purpose of empowering women and making them feel better within themselves. I also recommend following each of the ladies separately as each one posts all things fitness and lifestyle :)

Vian aka Veesfitnessfood

If you want some serious food porn head on over to this girls instagram ! It is incredible and mouthwatering. Alongside the epic food posts is a girl who embraces self love and has the time of day for any one so check her out. She also is one of the duo - Delicious Duo alongside Beki.

Leah - TheHungryWelshGirl

Another one that delivers epic food creations ! All of which are vegetarian and majority vegan so if that is a diet you are on and looking for some kind of inspiration she is your girl.


Musical Theatre performer, Personal Trainer, Author and creator of some amazing foodie creations. This girl has gone from strength to strength over the past year and watching her progress has been amazing. I definitely suggest you follow her instagram for meal inspiration and workout ideas :)


Victoria is a fellow Northerner who is absolutely stunning ! She is a luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and you tuber who has the life most girls dream of. However it is her work ethic, genuine nature and passion that makes her one of my favourite you tubers.

AND finally if you have snapchat I highly recommend you follow these:

Chessie King chessstickles

C-Krets in london and beyond. Featuring a lot of popcorn ;) Full of laughter, fun, food and fitness as well as some personal truths as well. I love watching her snaps as she is so down to earth - it makes me want to meet her and give her a big hug :)

Jess Wreford nutrifitjess

Jess is using this snapchat to document her journey to health and happiness. A sports nutrition student who tells it as it is and provides some insights into the nutrition world and her rants make my day as they are all so true :)

Lydia Millen lydiaemillen

As you all should know this lady is flawless and through her hard work and dedication has her popular beauty and lifestyle blog and you tube channel. But what I like about her snapchat is you get to see all of that and then a more personal insight in her life. She is genuinely lovely and her cat lumi is adorable and I don't like cats

All of the other people mentioned have snapchat minus Vian so follow them as well :)

And if you don't already and want to follow me my various handles are below

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Thanks for reading

Vicki xx

*All photos were taken from their social media sites or from the internet when google searched*

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