Have your cake and eat it

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

On Monday I held a bake sale at The Gym Group to raise money for The Christie. I baked lots of healthy treats and a couple of the PTs contributed. The only one in the picture that wasn't healthy was the coffee and walnut cake but we are all allowed a bit of indulgence right ? ;)

They seemed to go down a treat and by the end of the day the majority of them were gone and we raised a fair bit of money so all in all a success !

However the thing that struck me most about the event was peoples reactions to 'cakes' and 'treats' and how they saw them as taboo. I kept hearing things like:

"oh I can't eat that i'm trying to be good" "how much would I have to burn to eat it" "i'm on a diet can't have cake"

And its such a shame because the thing is there wasn't anything bad in the bakes - no refined sugar, mainly wholesome ingredients the only slightly fake thing was protein powder. But even so nutrient wise 100% better for you than the cereal bars, low fat yogurts , lite crisp that seem to favour peoples diets when loosing weight.

Why is there this need to restrict ourselves and see eating tasty things as a bad thing that needs punishment. You don't need to feel guilty about allowing yourself treats. Yes of course if you ate them all the time then that would be detrimental to your health and goal but occasionally is fine.

Its all about balance and moderation not deprivation and restriction. If you feel that you will binge on something because you haven't allowed yourself to have factor it into your day to have a little bit - i have chocolate and/or nut butter everyday because if I said no I know that it would only lead to binging later on. Therefore I just make sure the rest of my food choices reflect this.

AND you can always create things like these to satisfy your sweet tooth but actually put nutrients in your body not processed rubbish.

There are recipes on my blog but I also recommend checking out SpambellaB DeliciousDuo MuscleBakery Samantha Hadidi and Madeleine Shaw

Please don't allow yourself to fall into this trap - remember its ok to have your cake and eat it :)

Vicki xxx

If you would like to donate to The Christie please click here - every little helps

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