Switch it up

Everyday we will follow some sort of routine whether its getting ready, going to work, carrying out work tasks, eating our meals and going to the gym. I bet the majority of you when you go to the gym have some sort of plan that you follow - one you've been given, one you've made or one you do because its what you know.

How many of you feel that you repeat the same things day in and day out ? Has your progress halted or are you just stuck in that comfort zone ??

Our bodies are very clever and can learn to adapt to most situations the same goes for exercise, we can get stuck in a routine because its comfortable, it's all we've known and don't really know where to go from there. However once your bod gets here it's called a plateau and unless you do something to change this the results are going to change.

And all you need to do is SWITCH IT UP!

Maybe change the time you exercise - if you always go in the evening why not wake up that hour earlier if you can and go in the morning to start your day and get you ready !

If you exercise 3 times a week why not throw in a 4th day now as your body will be able to handle it.

Change up your routine - add in supersets, tri sets, circuits of exercises for particular muscle groups in order to push them harder.

Add variety - go for a run, swim, cycle. Try a new class. Get some HIIT plyometric work. Make it fun exciting and challenging . You want to be fired up and motivated to train so it has to be what you enjoy as you are 100% more committed to make it work.

You need to be changing an exercise programme every 4-6 weeks anyway as well as each week progressing in some aspect so your body has to keep adapting and changing. Then when it can do no more we change what we do so it as to work harder in a different format.

I see so many people in the gym who do the same things week in and week out and it can't be doing much for them anymore. Clients before they were clients would express that they were stuck in a routine and needed the help to get out - don' be afraid to ask for help if you have a specific goal but are unsure of how to get there.

Next week I want you to do something different with your exercise routine/workouts just to spice up your training life ;) See how you feel - the worst that could happen is that its not for you but at least you had a go and who knows it could be the start of something amazing !


Vicki xxx

*Superset: When you perform to exercises back to back with no rest. This can be the same muscle group for fatigue e.g. Leg Press SS Jump Squats or opposing muscle groups to save time e.g. Bicep Curls SS Tricep Extensions

*Tri-set: When you perform 3 exercises back to back with no rest usually to push the muscle to its max

*Plyometric: Jumping

*HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

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