Lets Get Lean

Being in a caloric deficit doesn't have to be boring or restrictive. Also tip if you like your food and don't want to give it up too much make your energy expenditure greater by moving more.

I thought I would give you a little insight into my diet at the moment - this is a snapshot of my life so take it with a pinch of salt. I am not saying this is the diet you should follow at all just a little look into my life. Therefore I am not giving measurements or macros as they are specific to me. I personally love these type of vlogs (because I am nosey ;) ) but as I don't vlog this will have to do ...

Thursday 28th April

This was a working day so a fair few snacks style meals to fit around things. So in hindsight probably not the best day to do this but the only one I took all the pictures for ha.

I had a slight lie in this morning of half n hour haha but it actually meant I could eat my breakfast out of a bowl and not tupperware. Every morning I will have a cup of hot lemon water before my meal and whole earth coffee alternative which I sweeten with a sugar free syrup.

Breakfast: Scrambled egg and egg whites with green veggies flavoured with turmeric and black pepper. Topped with 1/2 avocado.

Healthy fats and protein to start the day.

Mid morning snack: Soy chocolate protein shake and brazil nuts.

This also turned into my pre workout meal as I didn't expect I was working out this early but I had some time spare so normally I would have had something bit more substantial but this and a coffee did the trick.

Post Workout: Lean Turkey Chilli, Wholegrain Rice and Quinoa mix and Kale.

The Rice mix was a microwaveable one which are so handy to have around when you need those extra carbs.

I also had a panda natural raspberry liquorice wand which I had to try so it worked for quick post workout sugars.

Not pictured but before I started by shift I had a hot chocolate as I had a random chocolate craving but no chocolate to hand. I used the TKRG Chocolate fudge powder which is really creamy but only 40 cals per serving and 7g carbs.

Next Meal was satay chicken, feta and broccoli with hidden green beans

Not the most exciting meal but quick and easy to have whilst at work before my shift - protein, healthy fats and veggies.

I teach Spin on a Thursday evening so a quick pre spin snack was the Cocoa Oat Trek bar.

Dinner quorn chicken in nandos sauce, raw veg, lactose free cheese and homemade pesto hummus.

Not the best dinner but we had limited supplies and it was all I was fancying. There was a load more veg but I ate it before I took the picture.

Final meal: Soy Yog, SF jelly, berries, dark chocolate with ginger & SF Chocolate Syrup

This is always my favourite meal of the day as I have the biggest sweet tooth. I also had a little pot of homemade banana 'nice cream' Alongside a Peppermint Tea. I see what macros I have left at the end of the day and voila create something good :)

So there you go that is what I ate in a day - macros wise I was a little over my carbs but my energy levels were low so I felt my body needed them. Always remember to listen to your body as that is the most important thing at the end of the day not whether you hit your targets or not.

I hope that was interesting if you liked it and want me to do more like it let me know. If not then I won't ;)

Thank you for reading

Vicki xxx

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