Lets talk about fat loss

IIFYM vs Clean Eating

Tracking vs Intuitive Eating


Should I trained fasted or not? Will muscle help me lose weight? Should I cut out carbs ?

The list goes on ...

Most people at some point in their lives will want to lose weight and will embark on some kind of weight loss journey, it's pretty much a given especially women. We always seem to be striving to be better than we already are. There are loads of diet plans and ways of eating, training methods and all sorts of promo rubbish aimed to "help" people. It becomes this overcomplicated mess of confusion with people yo yo ing from one thing to the next as they can't see the results they want.

When in reality the answer to fat loss is really quite simple ...

Your calorie expenditure needs to be higher than your calorie input

In order to lose any kind of weight you need to be in some kind of calorie deficit - less calories in than you burn. A safe percentage is 10-15% from your TDEE will get you losing on average 1-2lbs a week which is the healthy sustainable why to do it.

TDEE is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (how much energy you burn in a day). This includes the amount of calories you need to just live (BMR) plus your activity level and exercise. So someone that has quite a sedentary job (office work for example) and works out 3 times a week will burn less calories than say a manual labourer. However each individual has a different TDEE which is why there is never a diet or training plan suited to everyone. You can use an online calculator such as this to calculate this for you.

And it is that simple :) There is no need to drastically cut your food just find a way that works for you as long as there are carbs, proteins and fats as well as lots of veggies for fibre and micronutrients 80% of the time your body will be getting what it needs. The easiest way to lose weight is to move more as this will be increasing your energy expentiture anyway. Aim for 3-4 times a day doing some form of exercise and the other days just get out and about. Then listen to your body for fuel so on the days you exercise more eat more and on the days you do less eat less. You will find you are not as hungry anyway on the more restful days as your body isn't burning the energy.

To track your progress take measurements and progress pictures, write a food diary and see where you can make tweaks to keep on the loss journey. Keep your goals realistic and healthy and remember no more that 2lb loss a week is needed. No need for drastic diet cuts or excessive exercise - even if you over indulge on one day just get back on track your body is quite good at detoxing and rebalancing itself.

If you are in a sensible place and want to track your foods and macros then use something like MyfitnessPal to enter in your goals and put your food in there. However as soon s this becomes obsessive STOP as it isn't healthy. I loosely use it to make sure I am on track but it doesn't define what I eat. You will get used to what you can eat and the amounts for your goals and if you have something outside of that its ok. The only time where tracking and hitting your macros is an absolute is when you are prepping for a comp or something like that.

For the rest of us its a simple as moving more, eating a nutritiously balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and sleeping enough.

Exercise wise find what you enjoy to do and go for it. Obviously if you have a certain goal then the training method should reflect that but it shouldn't be something you hate to do. Find the enjoyment in it and give it 100% and you will see the results.

Whatever you decide to do DON'T STRESS over it ! It isn't worth it for your mentality or physicality - we are all much more than how we look so take your time, be consistent and it will happen.


Vicki xxx

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