Summer is coming

Its 12 weeks until the middle of July (my birthday in case any of you were wanting to get me anything ;) ) so its time to get that bikini body / shredded for summer etc

But what is a bikini body ? You have a body you put a bikini on and voila there is your bikini body :) I have absolutely nothing against people wanting to slim down for summer - thats exactly what I am doing now. BUT you don't have to it is a personal preference and if you like how you look now and feel confident to rock less clothes then bloody go for it!

The media tends to hype up summer and the fact we all need to be super 'toned' but at the end of the day no one will be looking at you when you are on that beach they will be too busy getting on with their own lives and enjoying their holiday. Do what you want and what feels right for you

Want to be super shredded ? Cool just remember it will be hard work

Want that 6 pack ? Fab remember diet is key and you need to stick to it

Want to be bikini ready and more cody confident? Go for it just make it sustainable so that when you are on holiday you don't balloon out.

No need for quick fixes, detoxes, restricted calorie intake or fad diets as they won't last.

You want a healthy balanced diet where you are in a calorie deficit getting in your macro and micronutrients. Exercising 4 times a week where you push yourself as hard as you can focusing on weights and cardio - making it fun and exciting. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep.

Take measurements and progress pictures and compare each week to see how you are getting on and tweak when needed. Making small changes will benefit in the long run I promise.

If you need that extra motivation and push get a coach to help you. And BE CONSISTENT thats the main thing most people give up way too early and yoyo which is why the results never seem to come.

Remember at the end of the day people see confidence if you radiate that then you are on to a winner :)

Vicki xxx

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