Just Do It

Holding my hands up here and admitting I haven't really been on it with my 10k training ...

Cardio wise I have been doing my spin and classes as well as 20 min stair master climbs and treadmill sprints. But I haven't actually ran outside ... until last weekend. I'm sorry I know this is rubbish but motivation to run outside just hasn't been there. However on Sunday it was sunny I woke up feeling fresh so I thought why not lets get this run done and guess what ?! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did a 5k in 28 mins which isn't bad but considering I used to do it in 25 mins there is some improvement needed.

Thats all very well and good Vicki but why are you telling us ? - I bet you are all thinking ;)

Basically the point I am trying to get at is that the hardest part is starting. Once you have made the first step into the gym / ran your first run / attended that first class / got on the bike the rest is easy :)

To start your running training plan your route - aim for a distance and not a time. Go for something you know you can do as you are more likely to do it. Start your pace slow - no need to sprint the first 1k as you will be done for the rest of the run.

Have your running gear and trainers ready for you to just get up and go. Plan when you are going to do it and then JUST DO IT I promise you will feel amazing once you have done so.

Then make yourself a running plan pencilling in when and distance you intend to run, then mark them off with a time. This way you can keep track of your training and see your progress. It will also help you choose your preferred finish time.

My plan is to get a run in at least once a week and increase the distance each time. Any other runs I do will just be easy 5k runs to increase my pace.

Don't put off tomorrow what you can get done today

Thanks for reading

Vicki xxx

PC: Josh Hawkins

Wearing: H&M, Fabletics, Karrimor

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