Lets Get Lean

1 month down 2 to go until the holiday :) Progress for me has halted slightly due to digestive issues that I am currently trying to get to the root of the issue. Hopefully through tests I can work out how to improve it and start to see the progress I am making. Training is all going well looking forward to starting my next phase - I don't know about you but I love starting a new programme :) it's all exciting and fresh.

As summer is drawing near I thought I would share some hacks and tips to help you if you are embarking on your own fat loss journey.


When you are in a calorie deficit you are eating less calories than you normally do. This is when volume eating comes into its own, by filling half your plate with green fibrous vegetables you will be filling yourself up for next to no calories. You are also getting in loads of nutrients in as well.

I also create smoothie bowls adding xanthum gum which thickens them making you feel fuller for longer.

When meal prepping I find microwaveable packets of rice help save so much time. They are also goo to have around when you need some extra carbs. I always get them when they are on offer or if aldi gets them in for really cheap.


Snacks seem to trouble people when dieting but you don't need to eat dust :) Here are a few examples i like

Sweet: Popcorn - either make your own using cinnamon and stevia to top or companies like metcalfe and propercorn offer great macros and flavours.

Carb Killa bars from Thermo Grenade are amazing taste like chocolate bars with only 1g sugar and 23g of protein. The white chocolate cookie is my fave.

Yogurt - full of protein, probiotics and low cals

Low calorie hot chocolate helps to banish those sweet cravings you might be having.

Savoury: Rice Cakes and cottage cheese or smashed avocado

Lighter Cheese Triangles, veg crudities and hummus (preferably homemade)

Sugar Free

I adore the skinny syrups I get from TRKG as they have 0 calories & 0 sugar but taste amazing. I add them to my oats, yogurt, smoothies, coffee etc. You get all the taste without the calories you can get them from their website or if you are lucky they sometimes appear in home sense for a little cheaper :)

Sugar Free Jelly is another great one as a whole pint is around 40 calories minimal carbs and fats, have it on its own or mix with yogurt.


Increasing your calorie expenditure start adding more HIIT into your training. I like to add some tabata to the end of a couple of my weight sessions.

Here are some tabata routines you could use

20 secs activity 10 secs rest x 10

Jump Squats / Pulses

Burpees / Press ups

Jump Lunges / KB swings

Walking plank / Tuck Jumps

Also adding a couple of 20 - 30 minutes cardio sessions a week whether thats a full body HIIT or a steady state session. Just make sure you keep up your weight training as well so 3-4 sessions a week for example a training week could be

Monday: Lower body lighter weights followed by 10 mins tabata

Tuesday: Upper body push followed by 10 mins tabata

Wednesday: Cardio session / rest

Thursday: Upper body pull session followed by 20 mins stairmaster

Friday: Lower body heavy

Saturday: Cardio (HIIT or LISS)

Sunday: REST

*This is just an example not something you have to follow or will guarnetee weight loss. Remember diet is key you can't outtrain a bad diet*

I hope this helps :)

Vicki xxx

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