What is perfect?

Am I? Are you ?

Does it really matter ??

We all seem to have this need to strive for perfection but what even is that? I can guarantee that what I think is perfect and what you think is will be completely different. In my eyes perfect is an ideal - something out of my reach with no flaws and being the perfectionist I am I know I will never get there. SO why do I keep trying ?

Surely it is better to be striving for individuality, learning to love our bodies and just wanting to better ourselves not be perfect ??? Flaws are annoying to you but I bet your loved ones don't seem them as flaws , more like little quirks. And you wouldn't be you without your little quirks would you ?


That is what we should strive for :) Yes that is as cheesy as hell but who cares ? If you can't love yourself who can ? Embrace those quirks and those 'wobbly' bits on our bodies we all seem to hate. Ask me what my flaws are I can give you a long list in a millisecond, ask me my good bits ... that might take a bit longer. But that is a flaw in itself - my body confidence isn;t the best and never really has been I hide behind my smile and show a different image to the world because thats my coping mechanism. I am getting better at loving myself for who I am but it won't happen overnight and I know that.

Basically what I am trying to say (rambling as usual) that who needs to be perfect when you are you ? :)

You should love yourself because you all are bloody fantastic


Special shoutout to my lovely ladies Pam, Katie, Sophia and Soph xx

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