Take a moment

The train journey from Kendal to Manchester tends to result in very poor signal so no social media scrolling for me ... instead I had time to think and this blog post came about :)

This weekend I have been in the Lakes spending time with my family celebrating my brothers 18th. It has been filled with family, food and fun especially yesterday when we went to laser quest during the day and had food and drinks in the evening. So not amazing for my cutting but pretty good for my mind and soul. Yes I still worked out - HIIT on Saturday morning and Push Gym session this morning but not because I needed to counteract the food choices but because I enjoy it.

It had made me realise that time out isn't a bad thing at all in fact I feel 100% more ready to go and smash this week ! My workout this morning fuelled by the extra carbs was one of the best I have this week because there was no pressure. I sometimes get caught up in my job, fitness and diet goals that I don't always see what is around me.

We take so much in life for granted and we need to take little moments to appreciate all the positive things. And this is exactly what I did on the train and it made me smile so much! Whether you physically write it down or make a mental note I promise it will make you smile.

Take 5 minutes out of your busy day to reflect on all those positives

Take 30 minutes out of your day for some you time to rest

Take 1 day off a week to recover and revitalise

#reflect #positive #calm #personal

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