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Monthly Favourite - Place to eat

I have decided to run a new feature at the end of each month sharing with you a favourite of mine. It could be fitness, lifestyle, health or food related and what better place to start than with food :)

I am by no means a food blogger or critic just a foodie voicing her opinions.

Everytime I scroll through Instagram I am met with pictures of gorgeous food from healthy eateries in London but not so many here in Manchester. We have some and we are slowly getting more but what Manchester was missing was a healthy restaurant offering a variety of tasty meals that appeal and cater for everyone. Thats where Evelyns came in :) The owners are the same people behind Mughli and 2 London restaurants so standards were expected to be high - and these were easily met.

I was introduced to this place by my friend and fellow blogger Pam aka SpamellaB. Now she knows her food so if she says something is good then I definitely have to check it out :) The place itself is very inviting, light and airy with greenery decorating it - you can also see into the kitchen with the hot plate being part of the restaurant with I like. The menu is an eclectic mix of dishes - there isn't really a specific apart from they all sound amazing!

The first time I went I had the Chicken Skewers in a Peanut Satay sauce served with Soba noodles, Vegetables in a citrus dressing. All the flavours were on point and I loved it that much I actually had it the other week when I went back with friends.

The 2nd time I visited I took my boyfriend Elliot for a date night and it was lovely. We shared some olives why we waited. I had the Salmon salad with potatoes and cream cheese whilst he had ECB Burger (obviously). The Salmon was cooked to perfection with a crispy skin and I like the fact it was warm as were the potatoes, there were also no complaints about the burger :). This is another thing about the place that I love it caters to everyone - vegan, gluten free, health nut or not you will find something. They are also very accommodating if you do need certain things removing or swapping from the menu.

And finally from the breakfast/brunch menu I have tried the GREEN BOWL - kale spinach herbs and puy lentils in a citrus dressing topped with avocado a soft boiled egg. Washed down with a coffee and their own cucumber and mint infused water this was a post workout treat. As any typical fitness foodie I love avocado and eggs so there was nothing wrong with this bowl at all. The puy lentils added some crunch and texture to the bowl. This was a perfect accompaniment to my mid morning work session.

Just look at that yolk porn right there !

As you can see I really like this place ;) not only for the food but the fact it is reasonably priced as well because most 'health food' places are through the roof. They have a fab team who all work to give you the best dining experience no matter how busy it is.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone in Manchester or visiting for the day - I know I will be working my way through their menu haha.

Vicki xx

This post is not endorsed or paid - evelyn didn't know I was going to write about them. All the thoughts are my own I just really like the place

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