Lets Get Lean (1)

There is nothing more motivating than having a physical entity to work towards. As you all know I have started a slow progressive cut in order to become leaner. The aim is to see the muscles I have been growing over the past few months and hopefully be alot more body confident in 3 months time. Well now my holiday has been booked ... Finally :) and I'm so excited - I haven't been away for 4 years !!! So now I have an actual deadline (17th June) to work towards. Now I know its a lifestyle and I don't intend to stop once I'm back from my holiday but who doesn't want to feel fabulous in a bikini :)

Originally I was going to document each month for you but I have decided to do it every other week and do a general round up (not as in depth as last time). Focusing more on tips/ advice and general dieting hacks to help you if you are on doing/ wanting to do something simular.

I have a body fat % that I am aiming towards which is a sustainable number to keep for a long time with correct training and diet manipulation. I don't want to be super shredded I just want to be happy and confident to wear a bikini or little shorts or crops for summer. And as I know this will apply to the majority of you I want to show you it is possible :)

These past 2 weeks haven't been amazing as I have been ill so training hasn't really happened having only starting again on Friday. However I did aim to be as a good as I could with my diet getting in nutrients for health. No tracking but it made me realise I know more than I thought and gave me the break I needed. Now I am going back to macros but I don't intend on being ruled by them. I roughly know what I need to hit them and will be using MyFitnessPal every so often to make sure I'm on track :)

*I am not and never will share with you my macros as they are specfic to each person and what works for me might not work for you*

My training will be 4-5 days lifting & 2-3 cardio sessions (I have a 10k to train for) alongside a weekly yoga/pilates session. With your training make it fun and challenging so you stay excited to train. There is nothing worse than dreading a training session so why do it ? You are more likely to reach your goal doing something you enjoy rather than something you hate. The same goes for food choices - don't live on a diet of bland boring meals because they are healthy because you will give up alot easier. Instead find ways to incorperate the things you love and keep mixing it up :) Unless you are at the end of a serious prep its ok to be adventurous.

Let me know what content you want to see more of and I will be happy to oblige.

Vicki xxx

2 weeks progress picture of my back slowly stripping away to find whats underneath

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