12 Week Cut

Today marks the start of my 12 week cut with the aim to lower by body fat and tighten up a little bit. Over the past few months I have been focusing on building muscle - and to build muscle you need to be eating to fuel. Therefore I have gained a bit of size, I am not saying I am fat by any means but I'm not in the best shape I want to be and I want to change that. And then there is the slight added pressure of my job and having to look in pretty good shape. It won't be a drastic cut and I still aim to eat foods I like and not feel restricted.

Its safe to say as well my motivation and diet hasn't really been there so I took the weekend off at home to fully rest and reevaluate. Which has helped massively and now I'm ready to smash it! I have made myself accountable by telling you all :) which will help me further. I will be giving you monthly reviews of how it is all going on here and using my instagram and snapchat to give a bit more of an insight into what I eat and how I'm training.

Last time I did something like this I had help from LiftusLifestyle which was invaluable however this time I'm doing it on my own so there is a little bit of trail and error. Using what I learnt from Sophia and Ash alongside my own knowledege, experience and research I am hoping to achieve my goals!

Please let me know what you would like to see from me in regards to this and over which social platform as I'm happy to help.


Vicki xxx

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