Shoulders and Triceps Workout

Time to get building the delt and trap defintion as well as focusing on sculpting those arms :) I like to work shoulders and triceps together sometimes adding core work at the end - you could add a bit of chest work into this aswell. Here is an example of a workout I did the other week for this target area. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

*warning - lifting arms above your head may be a struggle afterwards ;) I'm sorry for that*


DB- Dumbbell

Warm up throughly before hand

A1/ BB Miltary Press 4x10

B1/ DB Shoulder Press DS 3x8

B2/ Plate Front Raise 3x10

Pick 2 weights for the Shoulder Press one heavier than the other. Do 8 reps with the heavier weight then 8 with the lighter. Then Superset with the Front Raise

C1/ Heavy DB Shrugs 3x10

C2/ Tricep Dips 3x10

D1/ Tricep DB Kickbacks 3 x12

D2/ Tricep Overhead Extension DB 3 x12


Row 200m - 10 Press ups - 15 leg raises - 15 crunches

Repeat for 10 mins

Cool down and stretch

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