This month I have had the pleasure of delivering a weekly weightlifting beginner course for ladies only. There were 3 groups of ladies who had a session a week for 4 weeks focusing on a different area/lift each week. We had Lower body Quads Upper body Push, Lower body Glutes and Hamstrings and Upper Pull and core. The aim was to make the ladies feel more confidence to go and lift in the gym as well as getting their technique on point. And its safe to say these ladies smashed it !!! All of them improved both in fitness and confidence and I couldn't be prouder. So well done ladies you should feel really good about yourselves. It felt awesome to help them on this journey and show them that lifting weights isn't just for guys :)

I can't wait to teach the next one !

LADIES ... Reasons to lift

*YOU WILL NOT BULKY* You don't have enough testosterone in order for that to happen believe me. All you will be doing is getting that TONE and DEFINITION that you want. To get 'tone' you need to build the muscles aka lifting weights.

*FAT BURNING* Endless amounts of cardio isn't the answer. You will lose fat by a combination of weight training and cardio (HIIT is best). There is an afterburn effect after lifting weights meaning you continue to burn calories even after you have finished unlike cardio that stops when you do. Also you will build a larger degree of lean muscle mass boosting your metabolism as you need more energy to power your body :)

*EMPOWERMENT* There is no better feeling that having a good session - it will give you a sense of achievement. You will grow stronger, fitter and heathier.

*SCULPTED SHAPE* It will help to enhance your womenly figure and create 'that Kim K booty' or 'Victoria Secret abs' or whatever look you are going for. It takes hard work and won't happen overnight. You need to pair it with correct nutrition but to get shape you need to add weights to your training - treadmill running won't cut it.


Start slow and learn the technique for the base compound moves first before you do anything else. Like everything a foundation needs to built first :) Ask for help if needed. I wrote an earlier post about a beginners guide to lifting on here so take a look at that.

Stay tuned for next months Gym Myth Busters

Vicki xxx

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