Chocolate PB Brownies

I have a love/hate relationship with brownies - I LOVE to eat them HATE the fact I can't

I also HATE that I hadn't perfected a good gluten free, light but delicious recipe ... until now :)

A massive thank you to SpamellaB for the inspriation and guidance on this one so I can only take half of the credit really. The creation of these was a recipe experiment so I'm really happy it worked. I made them for the PTs at work and they seemed to go down pretty well wooop. Using the best flavour combo ever - chocolate and peanut butter obviously.

The main reason that these are low carb and such good macros (you can have 2!) is because they are made with Beetroot ! Don't worry you can't taste them at all in fact they help bring a sweet taste to brownies as well as keeping them moist (horrendous word). I also used a mixture of flours (Buckwheat, Coconut and Peanut) this was for flavour and texture as well as making sure the coconut didn't dry out the batter. I get my coconut and peanut flours from Sukrin as they are reduced fat and great macros. You can get these from Tescos, Sainsburys, Ocado as well as their own website.

Enough of my ramble here's the recipe :)

Makes 14

Macros 72 cals, 6.2gC 8.3gP 1.9gF


300g Cooked Beetroot (I get the vacuumed packed ones)

30g Buckwheat Flour (Holland and Barrat)

30g Coconut Flour (Sukrin)

25g Peanut Flour (Sukrin)

70g Chocolate Whey (Natural Whey)

10g Cacao Powder (Kaizen Living ) Cocoa powder would also work

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp Stevia (Truvia)

1 whole egg

30ml liquid egg white/ 1 egg white

Dash of unsweetend almond milk

30g Chocolate PPB (Hales Natural)


*Mix the dry ingredients together (minus the PPB) in a bowl

*Blend the beetroot until smooth then add to the bowl and stir

*Stir in the egg and white. Add in milk if the mixture is too thick

*Pour mixture into a line baking tin and bake for 10-12 mins at 180 degrees

*Take out, allow to cool and cut into 14 squares

*Mix the ppb with water or milk to create a runny paste to top the brownies with. Dust with cacao powder and serve

*Optional toppings - mix cacao powder and coconut oil / melt dark chocolate / icing sugar with peanut flour and water for a paste


Enjoy baking and eating these :) Tag me in all your creations @vickimellard_pt #vickimptrecipe

Use VMNWC to get 5% of Natural Whey

Vicki xx

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