A little bit of honesty

I'm a Personal Trainer so I should be super motivated, have a great body, know all there is to know about fitness and want to work out all the time right ? My diet should be on point all the time, I meal prep religiously and the only treats I have are healthy ones I have made myself ... and because I blog about these sorts of things that means I do it even more right ?


Personal Trainers are not fitness gods we are only human. Yes some have better bodies than others, some train harder, others know more but it's like any occupation there are skill levels.

Super motivated ... or not

My passion for fitness and helping people be fitter and healthier is the reason I became a PT so I do find it easier to work out because I enjoy it. However there are days I just want to curl up in bed and watch netflix all day. As I become busier with clients it gets harder to train myself either because there is limted time, I'm knackered or I just have zero motivation. It happens.

It does make me feel crap at times because I feel like a let down but if its not there the session isn't going to work.

Great body ?

I'm here being honest with you guys and right now I'm not happy with how I look. I'm not saying I'm fat or there is anything wrong with having a body like mine but on a personal level I feel meh about it. Which isn't helping my training as I still don't know what I want. However what I do know is there is a pressure to look a certain way because my body is my selling point and it scares me. I know I will get there eventually but it's gonna take time and me to get my mojo back.

Diet on point

In keeping with the above point my diet isn't 100% and again motivation, lack of focus seems to be the key. I'm great during the week and the majority of the weekend but when I slip up I slip up bad ... Yes one bad day isn't going to do you any harm but a few wont help. I'm all for balance and moderation - its a life you need to live I just need to find that.


I bloody love chocolate and pic&mix and nut butter and prosecco ... and I'm the first to put up my hand and say i enjoy them alot ha. And thats fine! I love healthy eating as much as the next foodie and will happily munch on homemade protein balls, superfood brownies, raw cheesecake but sometimes indulgence is needed :) Being a PT doesn't make you a guru of health believe me

All the knowledge

If you have a PT who thinks they know it all - find a new one. I will never say I know it all becase I don't I am always learning and developing as the industry is. Yes I probably know more than the average joe but thats my job I'm meant to. But I like learning new things and I am always willing so if a client asks me something and I don't know it then I research and find out :)

A bit of a ramble there sorry but I just wanted to share with you all a bit of honesty about me and how I am with my job. It's ok to admit you are struggling the next step is to do something about it so you don't stay strugglng.

No one is perfect ...


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