At Home with Vicki

Hello you lovely lot :)

I have decided to film a mini series of workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home ! As you may not use a gym/ be on holiday / want a change of scenery or like me just sometimes can't be bothered to got to the gym ;)

There will be 4 videos and this is the first one focusing on my favourite thing to train - GLUTES. They will all be circuit style bodyweight training apart from the stretching one. The only piece of equipment I have used is a resistace band which are easy to get hold of. Alternatively you can do them without.

Like always please let me know you have done it by tagging me on social media and using the hashtag #vickimptworkout

Grow those Glutes

5 rounds

Sofa/chair Low Squats x 15

Split Squats x 10 into 5 pulses (each leg)

In and Out Jump Squats x 15 (with or without a band)

Single Leg Glute Bridges x 15 (each leg)

Squat Burpees x 10

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