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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Pre workout is something I only take if I'm not feeling ready for a session. Most of the time coffee does the trick but when I need an extra push preworkout cones in handy. The only issue is that I haven't found the right one yet. So when EQ nutrition were asking bloggers to try theirs and review it seemed like a good opotunity.

It came in single serving sachets in pink lemonade flavour. These are £2.99 with the 500g packet selling at £34.99 which is a bit more expensive than a few out there. However it is tested and screened in accordance to Informed Sports Standards meaning it is free from any banned substances. I like this factor about it therefore you know you are paying for quality.

It contains:

8188mg Creatine Monohydrate

250mg Caffiene

1000mg L-tyrosine

1500mg Taurine

1600mg Beta-Alanine

Per serving: 79cals, 8.3gC 11.3gP 0G F

If you are looking for a boost you will definitely get one. I took it as recommended 30 mins before training and found I did have more energy and could go for longer at a higher intensity. The taste is nice and it mixes really well which is an added bonus. I also didn't experience a severe come down from it like I have from others before.

Now due to the amount of Beta Alanine in it I was expecting to get the tingly itchy feeling which i did. Personally I don't like this feeling however I knew it was coming so moved past it. And I was happy with the other effects of it so even though it was a downside that was the only downside to it that I found so I would still recommend it if you can push past that :)

I have been given a 40% discount code Vickipt40 that you can use over on their site to try this out for yourself or any of their other products so enjoy and let me know what you think.


Even though the samples were a gift and I was asked to review this product all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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