Make it a lifestyle not just a resolution

New Year New Me ... Social media was full of these posts as soon as 2016 began. Which is great as the new year is a chance for you to embark on new challenges etc.

HOWEVER with all these good intentions there can be that moment as january draws to an end that we drop off the wagon and fall short of our promises. This tends to be because the new years resolutions that get set are too high and too much to complete in the allotted time.

Don't feel you need to go into January embarking on an intense diet and fitness regime to counteract what happened over the festive season. It won't stick and you will end the month feeling worn out and bored. Instead just continue what you were doing before hand and just follow 5 simple steps to get you back on track -

1/ Eat more wholesome unrefined foods

2/ Aim to exercise 3 times a week

3/ Drink plenty of water

4/ Sleep 7-8 hrs a night

5/ Relax and don't stress


I always feel when people make resolutions it is because it seems like the done thing to do at this time and connotes we need to change. I personally think you should set goals and achievements because then it is something to work towards and challenge yourself with. When it comes to setting them don't go for extremes ! You want to be able to achieve them so make it manageable to do so - yes they need to challenge you but not be impossible :)

Write down what you want your overall goals for 2016 to be - they can be fitness, health, lifestyle and/or work related. Aim for 5-10, write them down and keep them safe. These are mine and they will be living on my wall so I see them all the time.

Then set yourself some January goals that will bring you a step closer to your overall ones. These need to be ​





Time managed

Depending on the size of the goals depends on how many you set but keep it small. Once again write them down and keep them safe.

Make yourself accountable as well so tell people - family, friends, work colleagues - this way they can help you in achieving them.


You are already embarking on a lifestyle and that included the slight over indulgences and a break from routine which might not have been the best for the body but good for the soul. I bet you had fun right ? Embrace that, cherish the memories and love it! Now all you need to is get ready to hit the play button again :)

Take today to plan your workouts, plan and prep your meals and get those goals written down. Oh and RELAX (it is Sunday after all :) )

Vicki xxx

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